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Wednesday Whiteout

We woke up to thick snow on the roads, trees, bushes and shrubs.  A few vehicles are moving and a few children and dogs are frolicking in the snow.  All events are cancelled.  Heavy snow still falling and more is forecast.  Keep warm and safe.

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Ice and Snow

The Beast from the East hit us last night with a light covering of snow.  I have not seen individual flakes captured on our windows before.


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Atkins Heirloom

David passed on this wonderful kimono to the next generation.  It was given to Ruth’s grandmother by David’s fellow student and friend Vincent, who became vicar of Nagasaki.  He stayed with the family during vacations when it was impossible to travel to Japan.  This was a ‘thank you’ present.   There has been close contact between the families ever since.


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Snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey

As it was a beautiful sunny day and the forecast for the week anticipated extreme cold and possibly snow, we drove to Anglesey Abbey to enjoy their annual display of snowdrops.  There were aconites to enjoy as well.  On the way back we explored the amazing parish church at Kedington with its Tudor tombs, triple decker pulpit with sermon timer and wig stand and tiered seating for children.


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Shrove Tuesday

Back home and its time for Pancake Parties.  The Row congregation assemble in the Chapel and then process up George Street to enjoy the pancakes!


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We travelled by train from Venice to Turin via Milan.  We explored Turin largely by hop-on-hop-off bus.  Lunch was an amazing hot chocolate, semi solid, with quiche.  The Cathedral Museum produced very helpful private guides who explained the pictures, statues, vestments and gold/silverware.  Then saw the interior of the Duomo and learnt all about the Shroud.


Reconstructed castle


The River Po


Roman Gateway


Duomo exterior


Duomo interior


Royal Palace


Arcaded street, one of many

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Final Day in Venice

On our last day we spent the morning exploring and finding a bookshop and then shopped for presents.  In the afternoon we had a Secret Tour of the Doge’s Palace, seeing dungeons and council rooms not open to the public.  We heard about and visited the torture chamber and heard about Casanova’s exploits while a prisoner there.  Eventually we saw the grand public rooms with amazing carved, painted and gilded ceilings.

IMG_4468IMG_4477IMG_4488Then we mingled with crowds to see the procession of the beheading of the bull and the pigs.  Many folks were there in amazing carnival costumes.  We had a last glimpse of the sun at sunset.


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