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Sally’s Photos

Here are Sally’s photos from Fiji when she was in Toga village with the family on Wednesday.  Thank you Sally for posting them on Facebook.



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Here are members of my family on the jet boat, taking part in the kava ceremony and enjoying time at the kindergarten with the teacher and the children.  Peter is my cousin, his wife Barbara (Twinks), Sally their daughter and her partner Justin and their daughter Maddie are all there.


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Today my cousins from New Zealand have been in  Toga village and visited the kindergarten.  They went up river by jet boat with Josh as captain and met the children and teacher in the newly extended school.  Here is Peter at the entrance to the village.  He played the chief in the tourist group and drank a large helping of kava.


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Since our return home we have received this excellent news about the kindergarten we helped to establish in the Fiji rainforest.  Jay White sent this photo and comment when we told him of the forthcoming visit of my cousins to Fiji and hopefully to Toga Village.


You might note that there is 2 extensions, one being what is a library and the other is the covered outdoor play area. The library was extended with monies from an American family and the playground area from a family in New Zealand. The monies you sent more recently will be utilized to install tiles and covered the concrete inside. We must wait for the next school holidays to do this project.

It is incredible what your generosity has created and led to further acts of kindness.


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The second tour on our final day took us along the so-called Atlantic Road.  This is a newly constructed stretch which makes use of eight bridges to link islands  together where ferries would have been needed previously.  At the spectacularly high bridge we were delayed by a crew making an advert video.


We previously visited a stave church with some interesting internal features as well as the more modern church in use today.


Our evening meal was provided in a turf roofed restaurant.


Next day we made our journey home.  It was much less eventful than the outward journey and all went according to plan.  We reached home at 11.00pm and were soon missing our all night daylight.

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Lovely tour around the town and up high above it.  Impressed by all the little ancient streets and the quantity of old buildings.  Little war damage.  Saw the Nidaros Cathedral again.


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David made a quick visit to the village, photographed the church and the memorial including someone who died in Auschwitz.


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