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Instead of taking the rollator around the block we headed off by car to Monks Eleigh. After visiting the Hollow Trees Farm Shop at Semer we drove through Monks Eleigh village and then up to the higher road which runs parallel and has a section kept safe for wild flowers. There I walked with the rollator a stretch similar in length to my usual walk, while David recorded the flowers seen.

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Our neighbours Charles and Rhoda very kindly let me have a ride on their mobility scooter today. This enabled me to proceed with David as escort up the little hill beyond our house and along Frog Hall Lane, where I would be unable to go with the rollator. It was very comfortable and easy to manage.

The most difficult part was negotiating this style which is there to prevent motor bikes. With David’s help I got through it and it was considerably easier on the return journey.

I had been wanting to see the horses and the foals for myself but until now had no means of doing so.

I was also keen to follow the lane behind my old house in Shearman Road.

We met one or two hazards on the return journey but negotiated them all without mishap.

Finally I drove round my usual rollator route and showed off my borrowed toy to my friends.

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On today’s walk David took this splendid photo of a comma butterfly as well as wild flowers and sweet peas gone wild.

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Here is the early July crop in the garden:

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Some good news

My best news this week comes from Ipswich Hospital. I have been granted a virtual consultation over the telephone with my orthopaedic consultant concerning a possible operation on my right knee. This was originally scheduled for late April with a possible operation in June. However the Covid 19 virus set it back, but now a new date for a consultation has been arranged for Monday 6th.July. More information after that date. Meanwhile more wild flowers from David’s walks.

I asked him to photograph the mallow which is very abundant at the moment:

He added some crane’s bill and convolvulous.

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More June Flowers

Some poppies from David’s walks.

And a nice crop of rosebay willowherb

And one of the first of this year’s passion flowers in our garden.

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I have been admiring these sturdy hollyhocks as I walk with my rollator around the block. After three interesting conversations with strangers I boldly photographed them from a social distance. Here they are:

David returned from his walk with pictures of wild poppies:

Then we discovered our pale white and pink sweet-peas have now produced a much stronger colour. They will brighten up our lounge:

This colourful plant arrived unbidden into our garden. We cannot put a name to it, can you? (Thank you Pat, in Canada, for naming it Tradiscantia or Spiderwort.)

Enjoying a cup of tea in the company of some of my teddy bears!

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David’s Walk Today

Today David walked the length of George Street and back up Angel Street. Near the bottom of George Street he spoke with the expert restorers who are restoring the plaster work on this 500 year old building, damaged after a water leak.

We are so lucky to have these wonderful old buildings in our town, more even than they have in Lavenham! Lucky too that their owners cherish them and can find experts to work on them. We all benefit, thank you.

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We Will Meet When the Danger Is Over
John L Bell (C) Wild Goose Resource Group, The Iona Community

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