We docked in Kirkenes and our tour took us first to the WW2 bomb shelter made from an iron ore mine.  We were told how Kirkenes was caught between German and Russian armies and was completely devastated.  People only survived in the shelter.


We then travelled to the Russian border seeing new infrastructure built since we were there five years ago.


This little Russian Orthodox church was preserved as a result of a land deal with Norway when the river formed the frontier.


At the Russian border we visited the souvenir ‘supermarket’ unchanged since our last visit except for the dog, a malamout not a husky.


Here is the border, and Kirkenes church in our first snowfall of the trip.


Here we are at the northern most point of Norway and our journey.  We drove to the North Cape along modern roads around a very twisty route seeing reindeer grazing alongside.  David was photographed at the globe, amid rock climbers and Wendy among the trolls and with Bonzo a heroic St.Bernard.




Midnight Sun

Here we are, Midnight Sun at 12.40am on Tuesday 21st.May, just short of  Oksfjord!


Tromso is a fair sized town and well placed as the starting point for polar exploration.  We rose up in cable car well above the snow line with beautiful panoramic views.  We could see our ship down below us.


Next we visited the Lutheran Cathedral with its huge stained glass widow.  Our guide whistled tunes to us to demonstrate the excellent acoustics.  It is called the Cathedral of the Arctic.  On our return we will enjoy a midnight concert there.


Finally we visited the aquarium and enjoyed seeing the seals fed.


Low evening sun and two shots of sunset sky at 11.23pm. not quite midnight sun yet.


Moonlight in the Trollfiord.


Our evening drive from one port to another to meet the boat produced some wonderful views on the perfectly still waters of the lakes and fiords.


We learnt a lot about the importance of stock fish to the local economy.  Here are the stands on which the fish are dried.


After a fine drive across the island we arrived at the reconstructed chief’s house and were entertained to a feast hosted by the Lord and his Lady.   They sang to us and we danced together.  They made libations to their gods for safety while the Lord was on a trading journey and the Lady was left in charge of the community and the farm.