We took the overnight boat from Harwich to the Hook of Holland returning the next night and spending the whole day in the Netherlands.  The weather was not wonderful so we headed south east where it looked the most promising.  We ended up in Horst on a nostalgia trip.  At a favourite restaurant in the square we had our mid morning hot chocolate and after a wander round the shops lunched on a three egg uitsmijter, cheese, ham and in David’s case bacon and mushrooms.


During the afternoon we visited Linden where we were delighted to find a stork’s nest on a pole.  On the return trip to the Hook I photographed the requisite windmill and then before our Indonesian rijstaffel, the deck chairs on a roundabout just before reaching the town.


Today we met up with David’s brother Norman and Maureen at The Thatched House, Upminster.  We had a delicious three course meal and much laughter.  I hope we meet up again soon! (Pancakes on January 25th. and on the cruise ship 5th.July)


From Sunday 9th.June to Sunday 17th.June we celebrated the Week of Prayer for Christianity.  Many churches celebrated in January but we thought June more suitable with better weather and light evenings.

The material was prepared by churches in Indonesia on the subject of Only Justice. A service plan and ideas of readings, reflections, prayers, questions and activities for each day were offered and used in our daily sessions.

Two stunning services were held on the Sunday evenings.  Baroness Caroline Cox shocked us with her evidence of persecuted minorities whose plight never reaches our news.  Our own Baptist leaders, Greg and Jenny explored with us the needs on our doorstep which they encounter nightly as Street Pastors in Ipswich.

The Saturday event Beyond Hadleigh  enabled churches to display information on their charities and we enjoyed music from two splendid bands and a spectacular organist. Next year we look forward to guidance for the week from churches in Malta.

Our personal display featured the Kindergarten in Fiji with recently added photos:


Sally’s Photos

Here are Sally’s photos from Fiji when she was in Toga village with the family on Wednesday.  Thank you Sally for posting them on Facebook.



Here are members of my family on the jet boat, taking part in the kava ceremony and enjoying time at the kindergarten with the teacher and the children.  Peter is my cousin, his wife Barbara (Twinks), Sally their daughter and her partner Justin and their daughter Maddie are all there.


Today my cousins from New Zealand have been in  Toga village and visited the kindergarten.  They went up river by jet boat with Josh as captain and met the children and teacher in the newly extended school.  Here is Peter at the entrance to the village.  He played the chief in the tourist group and drank a large helping of kava.


Since our return home we have received this excellent news about the kindergarten we helped to establish in the Fiji rainforest.  Jay White sent this photo and comment when we told him of the forthcoming visit of my cousins to Fiji and hopefully to Toga Village.


You might note that there is 2 extensions, one being what is a library and the other is the covered outdoor play area. The library was extended with monies from an American family and the playground area from a family in New Zealand. The monies you sent more recently will be utilized to install tiles and covered the concrete inside. We must wait for the next school holidays to do this project.

It is incredible what your generosity has created and led to further acts of kindness.