Last Morning

On our very last morning, as we woke up, we heard the sad news of Denise’s death.  Family and friends were with her at the end.  She had been returned to Southend hospital.

We worshipped as planned at Old South Church in Boston, a member of the United Church of Christ.  It is spectacular both in its architecture, history and outreach to the homeless of the city.  Here are a few glimpses, which cannot convey the warmth of the welcome or the grandeur and beauty of the service filled with music.  We took part in Adult Sunday School, Bible Study based on the lectionary reading, before the service.


On our last full day in the USA we went shopping first at Macy’s where we both bought satisfactory purchases.  Later we shopped in Quincy Market, not unlike Covent Garden, and had the lobster meal we had promised ourselves.

A carriage ride was an excellent climax for the day.  We rode behind Nellie the horse, steered by Sally with her young assistant Sarah who took the photos.


We decided to get an overview of the city with a two hour trolley ride.

Then we followed it up by a short cruise on the harbour.

Kennebunkport ME

This is our last port of call before Boston and the flight home.  Here we encountered the Atlantic after crossing the continent from coast to coast.  We have also travelled from south to north of the USA from New Orleans to Minneapolis.

This is the delightful church dedicated to St.Ann, a gem of a church.


A little further along the coast is the home of two generations of the Bush family.


I photographed a great egret across a pool of reeds and bullrushes.


From the window where we had our dinner, here is a view of the harbour full of pleasure boats.


In the same garden in North Conway where we encountered and photographed a young black bear five years ago, we enjoyed these birds and the chipmunk while having our breakfast.

Although the fall colours are not fully developed yet, we were able to photograph several very colourful scenes as we drove through New Hampshire and Maine.

Rachael took us on many visits.  The first one was to Miles Winery, where we sampled and bought a ghost wine (having heard the story) and a delicious port.  We were then told the story of the 18th.century house and how it had served as part of the escape route for runaway slaves – the so called underground railway.  We inspected this hiding place.


We saw Rachael’s new work place and inspected a damp gorge which usually contains a waterfall – there has been a great shortage of rain.


In a park beside the lake we enjoyed photographing each other and a seagull.


Then we went to a “cheesery” and enjoyed the cheese and the goats who provided it!


A visit to the Corning Glass Museum gave Stephanie a chance to play on their logo and Austin an opportunity to demonstrate breaking glass.  I enjoyed the Tiffany window and the glass blowing demonstration.

Finally we enjoyed the view over the river and a glider returning to base.


David and I had a great morning at St.Matthew’s Episcopal Church Horseheads where we very much appreciated the pre-service Adult Sunday School, the warm reception by the congregation and the friendship of Melody and Revd.Wanda.

At Niagara

Here is our hotel,  the Sheraton.  Our room is in the middle, three floors from the top. It provided a great view – no need for a helicopter ride.


This sunset picture was taken from the buffet restaurant, where there was an enormous choice for dinner and for breakfast next morning..


At night the falls are lit with coloured lights, and sunset cruises include fireworks over the water.


Neither sunset nor sunrise includes the falls from the Canadian side at this time of year.  This is sunrise next morning.


Of course we had to go out on one of the boats which takes you right up to the falls and lingers long enough to get you quite wet.  They do provide waterproof capes, red on the Canadian side, blue for the USA.


The American Falls close up …..


and the Canadian or Horseshoe Falls.


You can even get wet going behind the Falls!  We did not venture.