With Morag on Islay

During the long vac when I was still at college I spent a holiday on the Isle of Islay with my friend Morag.  She was looking after the post office in Bunnahabhainn (pronounced Bonna-haven) while her uncle and aunt Barbara were on holiday.  Here we are frolicking on the island:

Untitled-1 copy


Yesterday evening (after joining Orwell DFAS, meeting at Rushmere) we attended the induction and installation of the new priest to this local benefice.  It took place in Kersey church, but four other churches will be part of his responsibility and he will actually live in Elmsett.  He comes from a post as chaplain at Culford School.  His name is Revd.Jackson Crompton-Battersby. It will be the second of three such events in twelve days for us. Here are the rest of Jackson’s churches.

Hectic Weekend

This weekend has been even more busy than usual.  Saturday took in St.Mary’s fete with lunch, Revd Neil Coulson’s Induction at Christ Church Tacket Street, Ipswich, followed by visit from David’s son Philip.

Sunday began with Eucharist at Chattisham Parish Church, then quick dash to South Hanningfield and back for their flower festival.  Returned to Boxted for their regular band service, but held in the open air this time.


Poppies on the Church

A net of poppies has appeared on St.Mary’s to celebrate the end of the 1914-18 WW1.  They were draped just in time for the church fete today:



Back Home!

Safely back home after wonderful travels, visiting very dear friends and a spiritually challenging week at the URC Holiday Forum.

David is back to work!

A long drive from Dumfries to Derbyshire.  Very tired, now a restful few days at Forum catching up with friends and pondering The Jesus Shaped Church.

Here is the week’s programme copied from Caroline Sturtridge’s entry on Facebook.


While staying in Dumfries we ventured out to see the surrounding area.  We visited Sweetheart Abbey with which I was familiar but had never seen.  It was built by Lady Devorgilla for her late husband John Balliol.  She was buried here with her husband’s heart.  We also crossed the Devorgilla bridge in Dumfries.

After other glimpses of the Solway coast we arrived at Southerness and photographed the lighthouse and drank hot chocolate.